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From The Trees Inc.
Turning ideas into wood
Hello and Welcome.

My name is Ricardo Abreu. I was born in Chicago and moved to Tampa  18 years ago. I have been in the woodworking industry for over 30 years.

I was 15 years old when I was first introduced to woodworking. I started as a refinisher in a little antique store called Bell, Book and Candle. I learned much of my customer commitment  from the owner, Gary Marks. He was a very customer-orientated man. Some of the things he taught me through example is that your prices have to be fair, sell a reliable product  and to treat the customer as a person, not a purchase order.

My father, who was an immigrant, came to the U.S as a boy and did not speak english. He instilled in me to work hard, work smart, and to treat people with respect and dignity.These are some of the values I carry with me today.

After refinishing antiques, I expanded my learning to building antique reproductions and then on to what I do now,  custom woodworking and commercial casework.

I started From The Trees Inc with the support of my family and my God in 2003. Since then, I have done work for various private residences as well as work for MacDill  Air Force Base, Kauffman Tires, ConMed and others. Projects have included full kitchen demos, finished wood reception desks,  built-ins, and laminated casework.

Anyway, just a little history, hope it was not too boring!
I look forward for the opportunity to make you a satisfied customer.

Thank you and God bless.